This pathway consists of a series of videos that explains the significance of a credit rating and provides a detailed procedure on how to manage a credit rating.




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5 video modules • 1 hour 10 minutes

  • The Role of Credit Ratings

    Investors in a company’s debt rely on the company’s credit rating to determine whether the risk is worth taking. In this video, Moorad explains what a credit rating is, how a formal credit rating is calculated and how it is used to determine the level of risk of holding a particular debt issue.

    Moorad Choudhry06:25

  • Attaining a Credit Corporate Rating I

    In this video, Gurdip explains the first 3 steps of the 7-step process to obtaining a new credit rating. In so doing, he defines a credit rating and evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining a credit rating.

    Gurdip Dhami23:05

  • Attaining a Credit Corporate Rating II

    In this second video on the process to obtaining a new credit rating, Gurdip provides the last 4 steps and then the actions undertaken to manage this new rating.

    Gurdip Dhami13:31

  • Managing Credit Ratings during an M&A I

    Managing a company’s credit rating effectively during an acquisition process is vital to ensuring surprising changes to the credit rating level post-acquisition are minimised. In part I, Gurdip sets out the seven steps to managing a company’s credit rating during an acquisition process, starting with project set-up and ending with the rating agency's decision.

    Gurdip Dhami12:17

  • Managing Credit Ratings during an M&A II

    Gurdip continues his explanation of steps to take in order to maintain a company's credit rating during an acquisition. This video covers RES/RAS decision, preparing the ratings pack, the rating agency meeting and ultimately the rating agency decision.

    Gurdip Dhami15:01

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