Banking Essentials

Follow this comprehensive pathway to understand how banks are managed, their financial statements, their key stakeholders, the services they provide and, critically, how all these activities are regulated.

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Markets Essentials

This high-level introduction provides you with an understanding of key areas such as the debt and equity markets, money markets, derivatives and foreign exchange.

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Time Value of Money (TVM)

Time value of money is one of the most important concepts in finance. Abdulla covers various aspects of this topic by covering the fundamentals and applying them to various real-world financial instruments and markets.

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This pathway explains several aspects of Fintech by demystifying topics from blockchain, big data and robo advisors.

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Financial Crises

This pathway provides an account of the most recent financial crises and describes the way in which markets have changed as a result.

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Fixed Income Unlocked

Join Lindsey to gain a thorough understanding of Fixed Income Instruments from a top market professional.

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Financial Mathematics

People are often daunted by the mathematical aspects of Finance - here, we break it down for you into easily digestible chunks.

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Derivatives Fundamentals

Follow this pathway to understand the key concepts underpinning rate and currency derivatives.

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Loan & Bond Market Definitions

Here we start by describing the difference between loans and bonds, then demystify some of the jargon that is common to both.

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Regulators are increasingly interested in why you, as an employee, behave the way that you do in the workplace. Behavioural risk expert Roger Miles explores this growing body of regulation - particularly how your brain makes decisions, and how this impacts your conduct.

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Banking Regulation

Banking is one of the world’s most heavily regulated industries - follow this pathway to see how it all fits together.

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Treasury Products

A bank’s treasury division is its principal interface with financial markets, with responsibility for managing the bank’s liquidity and funding resources as well as managing financial and market risk. Follow this pathway to build an understanding of the relevant products involved.

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Asset Management Regulation

Follow this pathway to take a world tour of Asset Management Regulation.

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Green & Sustainable Finance

Finance plays an increasingly important role in promoting sustainable use of our planet’s resources. Great progress has been made, but there is much more to do - as explained in this pathway by our experts Simon Thomspon and Tim Skeet.

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Correspondent Banking

Correspondent Banking describes how banks work with each other to facilitate trade and payment flows around the world.

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Essential viewing to understand how international payment processes work, and how the process of making payments is being disrupted by developments in Fintech.

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Credit Risk Fundamentals

This is an introductory guide to understanding the fundamentals of credit risk.

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LIBOR, Repo and Money Markets

Every day trillions of dollars are traded in the interbank, commercial paper and repo markets. Demystify all of this by following this pathway.

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Debt Capital Markets

The debt markets are far larger than the equity markets, and yet get far less media attention. This comprehensive pathway provides an extensive overview of the debt capital markets.

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Economic Fundamentals

This pathway covers some of the key concepts in economics, including quantitative easing, business cycles, yield curves, behaviour and logic.

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Equity Capital Markets

Equity markets experts James Eves and Keith Mullin cover some of the key areas of this type of market, including convertible bonds, IPOs and dividends.

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Trade Finance

Trade finance describes the way in which banks help facilitate their customers’ international trade by removing the credit risk inherent in import and export contracts. Follow this pathway to gain a comprehensive understanding of how this market operates.

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Invoice Finance Introduction

Invoice Finance is a term that describes how corporates who want to unlock cash flow from receivables can turn to Banks and other financial institutions. Follow this pathway to fund out how this works.

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Covered Bonds

Banks have been using covered bonds as a tool for funding the balance sheet for over 250 years. Here, covered bonds expert Richard Kemmish provides a detailed overview of these products and the markets in which they trade.

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