SFTR (12/12): Reporting Special Cases


Executive summary

SFTR is a major regulatory reporting requirement for anyone transacting repo and other securities financing transactions in the EU, no matter how limited their activity. The reporting requirements cover all aspects of these transactions, including life-cycle events and re-use of collateral, and are therefore complex. In order to meet the regulator’s demand for complete, accurate and timely data, firms are devoting considerable resources to the speedy remediation of rejected or unreconciled reports. It is likely that, at least initially, a high percentage of reports will be rejected or be qualified as incomplete or inaccurate, primarily due to poor drafting of the regulation and accompanying material. This course provides a systematic and detailed insight into reporting repos under SFTR that uniquely incorporates the results of the work by the industry (the ICMA SFTR Task Force) on interpreting the regulatory requirements, filling in the gaps and dealing with the contradictions and mistakes.

Key learning objectives:

  • Provide examples of unusual repos and how to report them
  • Provide examples of life-cycle events and explain how to report them
  • Provide examples of settlement events that would need to be reported
  • Provide examples of reporting issues that could occur
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