GDPR: Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the cornerstones of compliance. The consequences of non-compliance with data protection regulation can leave companies with crippling fines, or worse, irreparable reputational damage. This pathway will act as an introductory guide through the crucial elements of GDPR that every single employee from the CEO to the junior analyst should be aware of.


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10 videos • 1 hour 52 minutes

  • GDPR (1/10): Why data protection matters

    In the first video of his series on "GDPR (1/10): Why data protection matters" , Punit explains us what privacy is, why data protection is so important for an organization and what the consequences are if this key aspect is ignored.

    Punit Bhatia11:16

  • GDPR (2/10): Law and regulation

    In the second video of his series on “GDPR”, Punit takes us through the history of privacy laws along with the objective of EU GDPR, he also defines concepts like personal data and processing and finally talks about the role of DPO’s and authorities.

    Punit Bhatia13:04

  • GDPR (3/10): Collecting & handling personal data

    In the third video of his series on GDPR, Punit explains about when an organization is allowed to collect and process personal data, and how an organization informs individuals about its handling of their personal data.

    Punit Bhatia12:29

  • GDPR (4/10): Data security, transfer & deletion

    Organization is responsible for the protection of personal data across the data lifecycle. In this video Punit gives us an overview about data security, data transfers and data deletion. He further highlights the common roles under the Privacy Law.

    Punit Bhatia10:23

  • GDPR (5/10): A firm’s data protection arrangements

    In this video, Punit gives us an overview of the different data protection arrangements that an organization should put in place to ensure compliance with data protection requirements. He further explains the three categories of data protection i.e., "Being ready for managing personal data breaches", "Managing data subject rights" and "Fulfilling accountability".

    Punit Bhatia10:33

  • GDPR (6/10): Rights

    GDPR refers to individuals as data subjects, these are also referred to as Data Subject Access Rights or Data Subject Rights. In this video, Punit explains the different rights that are available to an individual such as our customers or employees, whose personal data is being processed and the common requirements associated with them.

    Punit Bhatia13:09

  • GDPR (7/10): Data protection principles

    In video 7 of this 10 part series, Punit talks about the key principles for processing of personal data and why they form a key part of GDPR legislation. Though these are not hard rules, they are principles that all companies should follow to ensure they are in keeping with the spirit of data protection.

    Punit Bhatia11:14

  • GDPR (8/10): Managing privacy compliance in a company that operates in multiple countries

    In video 8 of this 10 part series, Punit introduces the key success factors to managing privacy compliance in a company that operates in multiple countries. He also describes a step-by-step process to ensure clarity, context and therefore consistency among companies with teams based worldwide.

    Punit Bhatia08:02

  • GDPR (9/10): Key actions your company can take for privacy compliance

    In this video Punit outlines three crucial steps to implementing privacy compliance in your company. The first being to set up a strong foundation, for example appointing a DPO. Secondly, manage different actions that help compliance with various requirements of GDPR with a checklist. Thirdly, ensure it is sustainable.

    Punit Bhatia10:11

  • GDPR (10/10): Key requirements of GDPR - A summary

    In this video, Punit explains the 12 key requirements of GDPR i.e., "Legitimate basis for data", "Information you hold", "Individuals rights", "Consent", "Children's data", "Privacy notices", "Data breaches", "Privacy by design", "Data Privacy impact assessment", "Data Protection Officers", "Third parties" and "Awareness".

    Punit Bhatia12:25

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