The future of financial training

Finance Unlocked is the world’s first comprehensive, on-demand video-delivered learning platform built specifically for finance professionals.
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Premium, expert content

Finance Unlocked work with a global network of leading finance industry specialists to create and curate a comprehensive content universe; everything is explained and demystified, from basic concepts to advanced theory, supported by examples and real-world case studies.

A state-of-the-art platform

Finance Unlocked is accessible on all devices on demand. User engagement is maximised via unique video player functionality, enabling users to learn at their own pace. The platform is supported by a suite of real-time analytics enabling colleagues and leaders to track learning progress and prove ROI.

An Introduction to Finance Unlocked

How is Finance Unlocked different?

Expert & focused on finance

Our community of world-leading experts represent more than a thousand years’ experience at the cutting edge of banking, financial markets, financial regulation and fintech


Everything is subject to rigorous editing and peer review, supported by accreditation from globally recognised industry bodies

Technologically advanced

The videos are dynamic and engaging, delivered on a platform that has been custom built to be accessible and frictionless

Outstanding value for money

A year’s access to Finance Unlocked costs less than half a day of classroom learning

Behind the content and code

The founders of Finance Unlocked have built careers at the sharp end of banking, financial markets and financial technology. In that time, we have spent decades consuming, delivering and procuring financial learning. We share a vision of the future where this can be delivered in a much better way for the benefit of all finance professionals.

It’s called Finance Unlocked.

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