Active Listening

Listening is both an art and a science - but doing it well is not an easy endeavour. In this pathway, Debbie Taylor will provide you with a closer insight into listening as a practice. Because when we do it well, it can open the door to opportunities and stronger relationships in business.

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8 video modules • 42 minutes

  • What is Listening?

    In the first video of her series on active listening, Debbie introduces the characteristics of great listening and why some people may struggle to listen effectively. She also outlines some shortcuts to becoming a more active listener.

    Debbie Taylor06:55

  • The Foundations of Active Listening

    In the second video of her series, Debbie outlines why active listening is important in every conversation. She explains that a failure to listen effectively can lead to professional and personal miscommunication and misunderstandings. In this video, Debbie outlines the six levels of effective listening.

    Debbie Taylor05:22

  • How Do Our Minds Work When We Are Listening?

    In the third video of her series, Debbie continues to explore the things that get in the way of good listening. She references clinical psychologists specialising in communication and highlights what they have discovered about how meaning in conversations can get lost and how to overcome misunderstandings.

    Debbie Taylor03:58

  • How do Heuristics and Biases Adversely Impact Listening?

    In this video, Debbie refers to the work of Daniel Kahneman's 'Thinking Fast and Slow' to give us an insight into the way our brains fundamentally work using two systems. She introduces heuristics and mental biases and explains how they get in the way of effective listening.

    Debbie Taylor05:38

  • How do Emotions Adversely Impact Listening?

    An important contributor to what gets in the way of good listening is our own emotions and feelings. In this video, Debbie explains how our inner critic, our emotions, and personal prejudice can get in the way of good listening.

    Debbie Taylor05:32

  • Tools and Techniques to Become a Better Listener

    In the sixth video of this series on "Active Listening", Debbie provides us with a number of tools and techniques to become a better listener.

    Debbie Taylor09:05

  • The Importance of Listening in Leadership and Sales

    Traditionally leaders have been described in terms of strong decision making, needing to take command and having direct conversations. In this video, Debbie reevaluates the characteristics that make a good leader and the importance of listening when selling.

    Debbie Taylor04:38

  • Concluding Thoughts on Active Listening

    In is video, Debbie shares some parting thoughts to remind you of the key takeaways from this series about Listening.  We are all different and see things in different ways and the way to get the best out of a conversation is to listen well. 

    Debbie Taylor01:47

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